Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas!

Here's a few items on my Christmas wishlist this year:

ASOS Reindeer Dress £22

OMG this is surely the most perfect Christmas dress!! I squealed when I saw this dress I love it!

Cath Kidston Penguin PJ set - £50

How cosy and christmassy do these pj's look? Really wish they weren't so pricey! Can I justify spending that kind of money on pj's? I do spend most of my time in pj's so maybe I can...

Tangle Teezer Detangling brush - £11.69 on Amazon

I discovered the tangle teezer hair brush this year and it's changed my life! My hair gets knotty extremely quickly and it's amazing how quickly the tangle teezer can get those tricky knots out so quicktly and painlessly. This tangle teezer brush is the newest product in their range and is for use on wet hair. Definitely going to ask Santa for one!

Butter London Scrubbers £8 -

I love painting my nails especially with glitter polish however I do not love trying to get it off! I have been told that these remove glitter nail polish effortlessly! This is music to my ears! Definitely on my wishlist!

The White Pepper Unicorn Cluth Bag £40

A shiny unicorn bag - what more can I say! Perfect accessory for a New Years Eve party!

Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper - Topshop £42

And finally a Christmas jumper. This topshop one is so cute!

What items are on your christmas list?

Love K xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Holidays are coming!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I have been full of Christmas cheer this week! I think the boys at work are sick of me insisting on playing Christmas songs already in the office and we're only on day 7!

Here's a round up of my festive week so far:

Christmas Jumpers!

Isn't this the best Christmas jumper you have ever seen?! I spotted this in Primark on Saturday and immediately headed to the till with it! A bargain as well at £10! Have pretty much worn it every day since I purchased it!

Advent Calendars

I decided to make James an advent calender this year. It was more difficult than i first thought it would be and took ages to wrap up all 24 presents but he was so happy when I presented him with the big sack full of presents it was well worth the effort! He did ask if he could open them all on day 1 but I have forbidden him to do so!

How cute is this advent calendar from M&S! I treated the office to this advent calendar although there was some confusion when one of my runners was offered to open a door on Wednesday and he opened door 21!! Apparently he's never had an advent calendar and was unsure what to do!! He's had a lesson now!

Christmas Dinner

My friends and I all seem to be super busy with Christmas parties and the like so we had our annual Christmas meal this week. We went to Effra Social club in Brixton which I highly recommend. They do a delicious Christmas menu and the food was all freshly prepared and so tasty. And the portions were massive!! We were all in a food coma afterwards!

Secret Santa

We always do Secret Santa with our group of friends as it gets too expensive buying pressies for everyone. I saw this necklace in Oliver Bonas and knew it would be perfect for my friend Louisa as she works at a circus! She loved it!

I received a mug - my friends know how much I love a good cuppa! I think I will take this one to use as my special work mug. I also got a super shiny Clinique nail polish. Can't wait to use it!


My friend Sarah and I made our annual trip to Harrods this week to see Father Christmas and look at the lovely window displays. My friend and I met at Harrods back in 2007 when we worked in the Christmas Grotto there! It seems so long ago now, I think it's the most fun job I have ever had plus I got to meet David Beckham!

What have you all been up to this week? Have you been embracing Christmas?

Next week my friend and I have tickets to the Union Chapel to see Andy Burrows & Ilan Eshkeri Perform The Snowman & The Snowdog Live - I simply cannot wait! Tom Odell is going to be playing the Piano too!

Lots of love

K xx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Dear Friend

This is quite a difficult for me to write but I really wanted to do a post dedicated to my best friend Leanne who sadly we lost 7 years ago yesterday.

Leanne was my best friend from school and through college we were inseparable. When it came to deciding on universities we were excited to both be accepted to Manchester Metropolitan University and made lots of plans for when we were then.

Inevitably as we started on the new chapter of our lives at University we met new friends and didn't spend as much time together as we had probably imagined we would but we still remained the best of friends. Whenever we needed each other we were always there to help each other out.

On a cold December afternoon in 2006 I got a call that would change my life forever. Leanne had died. She had gone to sleep and never woken up. We're still not sure what happened. She had suffered from diabetes from the age of 8 and the doctors assume that she had developed an un-diagnosed heart or lung problem because of this and this had caused her to die in her sleep.

Other than my Grandad passing away when I was a child this was the first time I had lost someone so close to me and the pain and sadness was indescribable.

The days that followed were just as heartbreaking. As she had died in Manchester I then had to make the phone calls to our other friends back home and inform them off the sad news. It was the worst time of my life.

But Leanne was full of life when she was with us and we had to all remember that moping around and feeling sad was not what she would have wanted. She loved to have fun and enjoy herself and never let anything stand in her way especially her diabetes. She never once let it stop her having a good night out or missing out on anything. She once told me that she knew she would die from her diabetes one day, I remember being shocked to hear her say it but she was quite matter of fact about it and said she wanted to have the most fun in life she could ever have and she definitely succeeded in that. She fit a lot of fun times into her 21 years.

Losing someone is never easy, especially someone so young. I often find myself sitting at home wondering what Leanne would be doing now if she was still with us. Would she have moved to London as well? Would she be married now? What would her job be?

I think her passing made me reflect on my life a lot. I made some significant changes after she passed away including making the decision to move to London which I have never regretted once. It made me realise that life was too short to wait around for things to happen and you need to make things happen for yourselves.

Since that day in 2006 I always see rainbows at the most random times and later found out her family and a lot of my other friends had experienced the same thing . I can't explain it, I don't know what I believe but I like to take warmth in that every time I see a rainbow it's a little sign she's still with me saying hello.

She will forever live on in our hearts and I will make sure that when I have children they will hear about how wonderful my best friend Leanne was.

Lots of love

K x

(Terrible picture of us aged 16!)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Four Birthday cakes

This post is really over due as it's been a month since I celebrated my birthday in mid October but better late than never hey!

I was extremely spoilt on my birthday this year and was really touched by all the lovely gifts I received. My celebrations were fairly low key this year as it wasn't a big birthday (big ones next year - ahh how am I this old?!).

On my birthday I woke up in the morning to a super cute birthday breakfast prepared by James. Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and a giant jaffa cake birthday cake - no better way to start the day!!

James bought me a beautiful red satchel from the Leather Satchel company. I'd been wanting a satchel for ages but was concerned that the buckles would be a bit fiddly to get in and out off so I was thrilled when I discovered that James had this one customed made so the buckles are actually hiding the magnetic clasps which allow easy access to the contents of my bag....perfect!!

I also recieved a new bag from my parents. It is an oil skin Radley Bag and it's perfect for carrying all of my day to day bits to work in.

As my birthday was on a Thursday I had to go to work in the day which was fairly uneventful however I did get a cake (Please note this is Cake #2)

In the evening James and I went to Mishkins in Covent Garden for tea and ate soooo much food!! If you've never been I definitely recommend it if you are in London as the food is delicious. Miskins describe it's self as a 'kind of Jewish deli with cocktails'. I can't describe it any better really!

On Friday I celebrated with my friends at the Sebright Arms pub in Hackney which is home to Lucky Chip burger. My friends always joke about my love of burgers so it seemed only right to have my birthday celebrations at this particular pub!!

My lovely girl friends bought me a stunning purse from Orla Keily. I fell in love with it immediately!

They also bought me this pineapple plant! Have you ever seen anything quite like it?! No me neither!! It's so pretty!

My cousin treated me to some lush beauty products from Liberty which I was thrilled about. I had been desperate to try the Philip Kingsley elasticize for ages and I can confirm it is brilliant! I always get compliments about how shiny my hair looks after I've used it.

Other gifts included, tickets to see Disney on Ice, an umbrella with a duck handle, slippers that you warm up in the microwave - perfect for these cold months, nail polish I could go on but I won't bore you!

I felt throughly blessed on my birthday and I couldn't quite believe how many people showed up to celebrate with me! And I recieved another two cakes that evening!!

Here I am looking like I'm about to be set on fire!!

I'm a very lucky girl to be surrounded by so many amazing friends!

Look at all of my cards!!

Overall a very brilliant birthday!! Four cakes - I can't complain can I!

Love K x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Nails

It's nearly Halloween guys so I thought I'd share some pictures of my Halloween nail art:

I'm off to NYC tomorrow so sorry for the short post but need to get my suitcase packed!!

Too excited!

Love K xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

October Wish List!

I love October! It's my birthday month, Halloween and the time when you really feel the season change! Autumn is well and truly here and here's some items I'm currently lusting after:

Topshop Lurex Pencil Skirt - the picture doesn't do this skirt justice! I've spied it in Topshop and it's super shiny and will be a great edition to the wardrobe for the festive season!

Office Black Leather Upside Down Boots - I have actually already bought these boots and I can assure you they are extremely comfortable! I spent the whole of last winter in my chelsea boots and really wanted a slightly smarter boot for this winter which would dress up an outfit on a night out! The heel is perfectly sized for me too as being nearly 6ft tall I don't like to wear massive heels!

Jaeger Boutique Fair Isle Knit jumper - One of the saddest days earlier this year was when I came home and my Jaeger woolen jumper had accidentally found it's way into the tumble dryer. I've been looking for a replacement ever since and I love the bright blue colour of this jumper!

Checked Zara coat - I love tartan at the moment and I really like the subtle tartan design of this Zara coat. I like that it has a lot of pockets too. Handy for keeping your gloves!

ASOS pumpkin gloves
- and you wouldn't want to be loosing your halloween gloves! I think these are really fun!

What items are on your Autumn wishlist? I'm hoping to pick a few of these bits up with my birthday money!

Love K xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm a Master of Fright!!

As we're going to be in the states for Halloween this year we really need to think of some good fancy dress cotumes!!

Some of my previous years efforts have been a little sub standard to say the least which I don't think will be acceptable for the Americans.

Here's my Halloween costumes through the years:

Cereal Killer:

I know I know poor poor effort but in my defence I had spent so long decorating my house for the party that I let my costume fall by the way side!!

We used to throw the best Halloween parties in my house share!

Homemade Pumpkin costume:

This was the year I was too tight to pay £29.99 for a big round pumpkin costume and decided I could make my own! I couldn't! I have zero sewing skills - I think i look more like a carrot!

Mad Hatter:

I think I was a mad hatter here?! Hard to be sure...I could just be wearing many random items of clothing!!


I'm basically just wearing my normal clothes and have crimped my hair! Any excuse to use the crimpers!!

So as you can see not great track record with Halloween costumes!

Some ideas I have been toying with this year:

Breaking Bad:

James and I actually dressed up for a fancy dress party earlier this year as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad. It was really funny although James pulled of Walt a little too well...

Sorry I am unable to find a single picture of my dressed in my tracksuit being Jesse! I will say it was the most comfy I'd ever been at a party!

Moonrise Kingdom:

What girl doesn't want to dress up like Susie Bishop...or a scout...

We dressed up as scouts at Secret Garden Party 2012!

Day of the Dead:

My friend did this last year. How awesome is her face paint?!

Jack Skellington:

Another brilliant costume by one of my friends! I don't think she could see out of the lampshade head though...

I think I need to put some more serious thought into this years costumes! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Any ideas for me?

Love K xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013


I love Instagram and I'm not afraid to say it! I love documenting my life in pictures on this app - from exciting days out to pictures of my slippers! I love how I can take a snap on my phone and then upload it to instagram and someone the other side of the world can like it! I love looking at other peoples instagram pictures and following peoples day to day whether it be a fellow blogger or a celebrity instagrammer!

Being someone who loves to regularly get their digital camera prints printed I was really excited when I discovered you could get your instagram prints printed out!! Like physically have them in your hand, stuck on the wall or on the fridge!! Brilliant!

I've used 3 different services to print my instagram pics this year so thought I'd do a little post about them as think they are all fab & I discovered all of these services through reading about them on other peoples blogs!! So if you instagram as much as me...keep reading!!


Now I can't actually remember who recommended these too me as I got them printed at the start of the year - and I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone in January! But needless to say some lovely blogger brought them into my life!

Firebox prints instagram prints for you in Polaroid sizes and they come with a tiny little sharpie pen so you can scribble comments underneath the pictures (although James banned me from doing this on ours as he said I'm spoiling them! Boys!)

12 prints will cost you £9.99
24 prints will only set you back £14.99

I went the whole hog and ordered 24 and was really pleased with the quality of them, especially considering most of them were snapped on my (not so top of the range) android phone!


I read about Origami on London Lip Gloss's blog and placed an order for mine the same day!

There are several options for the photos to be printed. You can get 36 Polaroid style prints 4 x 5 or 36 square prints 4 x 4.

I went for the Polaroid style prints with a colourful Spectrum design on the back. If you geo-tag your instagram pictures when you take them, you can get them printed with a map of where the photos were snapped on the back. I thought this was a super idea however I'd never done this with mine so I couldn't go for this. I am now geo-tagging everything ready for my next batch!!

I thought Origrami offer a really fab service and they came in a really cute little cardboard packet to keep them safe. The company is based in Sydney Australia and so it took two weeks for the pictures to arrive but it was free shipping and for 36 prints it only cost $21.95 which worked out at £12!! Such a bargain if you ask me!! I love them!!


I discovered stickygram on Barri & Belle blog and immediately knew I had to have some magnets of my instagram prints! I couldn't decide between my prints so ordered two sets costing $14.99 per sheet which worked out at about £17 in total for both.

This company also offered free delivery worldwide and they arrived in two days which I was great service!

James rolled his eyes when he heard I'd ordered some more instagram prints but was as pleased with me when they arrived and I excitedly got to work arranging them on the fridge!!

I think these would be a lovely little stocking filler Christmas gift for family too and I know for a fact my Gran and Mum would both like some for their fridges!

I also have a treat for you - if you want to order some stcikygram prints then use the following code at the checkout to get $2 off - FRIENDPJF9

And here they are on my fridge - ta dah!

If you want to follow me on Instagram then I have two accounts:

My blog one - thelittleredboots

and my personal one - Kathryntallis

I just wish it was easier to flick between accounts like twitter! But please come and say hello and give me a follow :)

Love K xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun filled first week of October!

Last week I was so busy! Not busy with work I might add which is unusual for me, but I had one of those weeks where I had fun plans scheduled for every evening! And it was a lot of fun indeed!!

Here's a round up of the first week of October:


Burger Monday with the boys - check out my post on this here!


Dinner at Busaba (I recommend the Thai calimari - it was delish) and an evening spent gossiping with my good friend. We spent a lot of time looking at boys on her tinder!!

(Photo stolen from Buzzfeed)


Sushi and cinema date with my bestie. We went to see the film Austenland which I had not actually heard anything about but thoroughly enjoyed - not an Oscar winner but there was a lot of laughs to be had!!


Cocktails with my girlies!! Thanks to the recommendation on Emerald Street we went to Central and Co cocktail bar which is running a 'drink the classics' event until next Friday. Last week the theme was 'On the Road' and we sipped on a Boncouevadier cocktails (Rye, Campari & Sweet Vermouth) whilst pretending to be in a New York speak easy bar! This week the theme is 'Treasure Island' so lots of Rum cocktails to be drank if you have time to pay it a visit!


A group of us went out to Bethanal Green Working Men's club on Friday night and it was a pretty random night to say the least!! I've been to a few funny evenings there and I don't think this was the best one I've been too but it was still a giggle anyway! 

FYI there was no hot dog eating contest but there was a buffet!!


We visited London Oktoberfest a Millwall Park. This was a last minute random plan and it was so much fun!! Needless to say it was pretty drunken!!


Sunday was spent catching up over a roast with James after a busy week! I'd hardly seen James this week as he started a new job and was on the early shift so we were like ships passing in the night so it was lovely to spend a lazy Sunday with him.

See I told you it was a busy week! This week is shaping to up to be a lot quieter which is nice but I do love living in London - so much to do that you can quite easily fill a week up with fun filled plans!

Love K xx