Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Burger Friday - Burger Bear

I realise that it's Tuesday when I am posting this entry entitled 'Burger Friday' but lets not worry about that for now, bear (no pun intended) with me...

So I've always enjoyed a good burger, long before burgers were the ' big thing' they are now. My boyfriend James had actually been a vegetarian for about 15 years until back in 2011 he first set eyes on the Meat Easy wagon at The Rye in Peckham and he's never looked back (coincidentally this was also the same night that we met). Together we have since eaten a lot of burgers...and I mean a lot! Often aided by the Burgerac Blog we have visited most places recommended in London and also in New York and with the growing trend in burgers increasing there's a lot more burgers popping up to try!

My friends laughed at me so much about eating burgers all the time they even bought me a burger oyster card holder from Lazy Oaf:

I have also been eyeing up this Burger Necklace from Tatty Devine although I think it's taking it all a bit far!

Anyway our friend Dean joined us in our burger eating enjoyment (he has since turned it into more of a mission) and so most Friday's now we all meet up and eat burgers. I have to say it is a lovely way to round off the working week and nice to give yourself a little Friday treat!

So last Friday we headed to Red Market in Shoreditch to try out Burger Bear as we'd heard it was the last chance to visit Red Night Market before the summer was out.

Burger Bear have four burgers on offer:

Burger Bear - Classic Cheese Burger - £5.50

Angry Bear - Spicy Burger - £6.50

Grizzly Bear - Double Oak Smoked Bacon & Jam - £7.50

Greedy Bear - Double burger patty, double bacon, double Jam and double cheese - £8.50

James and I both went for the Grizzly Bear burger and boy oh boy was it good! The burger is a more steak like burger and much less greasy and fatty than some other burgers I have tried. The bacon has been smoked by the Burger Bear man himself Tom which was incredibly flavoursome and the bacon jam rounded it all of beautifully!

As Dean had previusly visited Burger Bear (he keeps doing these solo visits without us!!) he opted to try the Greedy Bear. Man it was big!!

Dean was pretty happy with it!!

Overall we would all definitely recommend Burger Bear. It's up there in my top 5 Burgers I've eaten in London. (I'll do a blog post about some other burger places at a later date).

If you want to visit Burger Bear which I recommend you do then they'll be at The Old Nuns Head Pub in Nunhead until August 25th and then also at Red Market Weds-Fri 12pm-3pm.

For more info of where you can find this burger treat follow chef Tom on twitter - @bugerbeartom


Love K x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Capture the Colour Competition

I saw that Travel Supermarket were running the Capture the Colour competition again this year and although I've only just started my blog, I don't have a fancy camera and no one nominated me to take part I didn't think it would hurt to enter.

The rules are simple; publish a blog post displaying five of your favourite travel photographs which encaptulate the five catergories - Red, Yellow, Blue, White & Green. You then have to nominate 5 other bloggers to take part and you're on your way.

Tweet your entries to Travel Supermarket with the hashtag #CTC13

So here is my entry:


Sunset from Brac Island in Croatia

Sat with one of my best friends, having a beer and looking out to the Mediterranean Sea from Brac Island in Croatia I captured this picturesque sunset.


Kew Gardens Pineapple

I've had a staycation in London this summer and visited Kew Gardens for the first time which is where I captured this image of the bright bold Pineapple. It is part of the IncrEdibles exhibition and the giant pineapple is designed by Bompas and Parr. I love pineapples and this image makes me feel happy and reminds me what a great summer I've had in the UK this year.


Chicago River

This is one of the most amazing views I've had from any hotel I have ever stayed in. I didn't know what to expect on visiting Chicago and when I pulled back the hotel curtains and saw this view for the first time it took my breath away. I chose this photograph as I love how the blue of the sky reflects onto the glass fronted Trump Tower and it's holographic windows magically reflect all of the old beautiful architecture along the river.


Summer House in Montauk NY

This is the white washed summer house we spent some time in last summer in Montauk on Long Island. It was our first visit there and we had such a lovely time in this super cute holiday home that I had to include it in my photo entries. So calm and peaceful, it was hard to believe we were only a matter of hours away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.


Plitvice Lakes Croatia

Hidden away in the north of Croatia are the Plitvice Lakes. They are one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We arrived here early in the morning after spending a week partying at a festival on the beach and were blown away by the bright green colour of the water. It was so fresh and inviting it was hard to resist not jumping in (you're not allowed to swim in the lakes sadly). It really felt like I'd been transported somewhere magical and I could have stayed there forever.

That's my entry and I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.

As part of the competition you have to nominate five other bloggers to take part.

The bloggers I nominate are:

Isabelle's Travel Guide - http://www.isabellestravelguide.com/

Pommie Travels - http://www.pommietravels.com/

The Travelista - http://thetravelistablog.wordpress.com/

Handbags & Cupcakes - http://handbagsandcupcakes.blogspot.co.uk/

In The Frow - http://www.inthefrow.com/

Good Luck everyone!!

Love K x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Visit to Kew Gardens

I've actually had a 'staycation' in London this summer as several factors, including moving flats in July, have meant funds have been too low to go on a summer holiday. That said my boyfriend James and I decided to do lots of fun things in our own country and make the most of summer in London.
So last Sunday along with some friends we decided to visit Kew Gardens. Wonderfully until September Kew are actually doing 'Lazy Summer Afternoon' tickets for entrance after 3:30pm at the cost of only £7.
As none of us had been to Kew before we decided to head down in the early afternoon and find a pub for Sunday lunch.
Using the timeout London mobile app we found a lovely pub right next to the Gardens called The Botanist which boasted delicious Sunday lunch and also an in house brewery making it's own craft beers and ales. We were all keen to try the beers & ales on offer and were delighted to be offered a paddle of 3 x 3 quarters of a pint of different ales/beers to sample for a mere £3.40 (Always a treat to get a pint for under £5 in london!)

I would definitely recommend this pub to you if you're visiting Kew and they also do kegs of their beer/ale to takeaway.

Anyway as much as we would have liked to sit sampling ale all day this was not the reason for our outing and it was time to head on to Kew Gardens.

They have an exhibition on for the summer called IncrEdibles and Bompas and Parr have built a giant Pineapple on the lake. I'm a little bit obsessed with pineapples the moment (be it pineapple shaped handbags, prints on dresses or sunglasses - you name it I kinda love it) so I was very excited about visiting Kew. Now I will admit I had thought the pineapple on the lake was going to be a little bigger (I'd let my imagination run away with me) but it did look blooming good. Just look at this beautiful thing!

After starring at the pineapple for far too long we headed into the Palm House opposite pineapple Island which contains over 60 different edible tropical plants.

It was pretty hot in there.

James enjoying the plants!

Heading back outside into the late afternoon sun we headed into the trees to find the Xstrata Treetop Walkway which is a walkway 18 meters up in the air.

Lovely views across the gardens.

After walking around the gardens some more we eventually wound up at the ice cream shop for an afternoon treat.

Overall we had a lovely day at Kew Gardens and it really felt like we'd gone far away from the city for an afternoon (the only reminder that we were still in London being that Kew Gardens is under the Heathrow flight path).

If you did want to visit Kew for the whole day, full priced tickets are £14.50 and there's plenty of lovely spots for picnics and for the kids to run around and play.

Have any of you had a staycation this summer? What have you been up to?

Love K x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

August Wish List

Here's a few current items on my wish list: Topshop Dolly Mixture Dress I'm a bit of a sweetie fiend so very much like this dress! It's so cute and fun...I think it will be living in my wardrobe when pay day comes around!!
Fjallraven Kanken Rucksack I've been lusting after a Kanken rucksack ever since stumbling into a Fjallraven shop last year in New York whilst on holiday. I really like the more angular shape design and it's perfect for carrying around laptops or ipads.
Sephora Disney Collection I always visit Sephora when I visit the US as they have an exciting range of makeups. A few months back I spotted the Jasmine Storylook Eyeshadow pallet reviewed on a beauty blog and really wanted to get hold of it. Sadly it is sold out (and now people are selling online for up to $125 dollars - crazy!!) but they've now got a new Disney range on their website - 'Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette' which is part of the Aerial collection and contains four glittery/shimmery eyeshadows. I hope to get hold of one of these whilst stocks last!
Chelsea Collection Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company I really want to get myself a Cambridge Satchel and this new Chelsea range inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show is very tempting. I know we're coming to the end of summer but I love the range of pastel colours and they make the satchels seem really feminine and girly. Perfect for that 'back to school' look.
Watermelon Beanie Hat - ASOS I commented to my friend the other day that everything I was pinning on pinterest at the moment seemed to be in some kind of watermelon form so I was thrilled when I saw this beanie hat pop up on ASOS. I will admit I do love a fun hat and am quite happy to wander the streets of London sporting my wooly strawberry hat or festive Christmas pud hat so this is going to look right at home in my collection! (I've actually placed an order for this today - roll on winter!)
What items are you lusting after this month? Lots of Love, K xx


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K x

Hello! Welcome!


Welcome to my blog Little Red Boots! I'm twenty something and live in London.

I read a lot of blogs and decided recently I wanted to start a little blog myself as a bit of a hobby! Something to get my brain thinking about other than work!

I hope I get some followers and will post some interesting stuff for you to read :) I'm always out and about so will probably post mostly London lifestyle things but lets see how we get on!

So again hello and please keep reading!

Lots of Love

K xx

(I'm not much of a technical wizz so bear with me, I'm hoping blogger will hold my hand a bit!)