Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Burger Friday - Burger Bear

I realise that it's Tuesday when I am posting this entry entitled 'Burger Friday' but lets not worry about that for now, bear (no pun intended) with me...

So I've always enjoyed a good burger, long before burgers were the ' big thing' they are now. My boyfriend James had actually been a vegetarian for about 15 years until back in 2011 he first set eyes on the Meat Easy wagon at The Rye in Peckham and he's never looked back (coincidentally this was also the same night that we met). Together we have since eaten a lot of burgers...and I mean a lot! Often aided by the Burgerac Blog we have visited most places recommended in London and also in New York and with the growing trend in burgers increasing there's a lot more burgers popping up to try!

My friends laughed at me so much about eating burgers all the time they even bought me a burger oyster card holder from Lazy Oaf:

I have also been eyeing up this Burger Necklace from Tatty Devine although I think it's taking it all a bit far!

Anyway our friend Dean joined us in our burger eating enjoyment (he has since turned it into more of a mission) and so most Friday's now we all meet up and eat burgers. I have to say it is a lovely way to round off the working week and nice to give yourself a little Friday treat!

So last Friday we headed to Red Market in Shoreditch to try out Burger Bear as we'd heard it was the last chance to visit Red Night Market before the summer was out.

Burger Bear have four burgers on offer:

Burger Bear - Classic Cheese Burger - £5.50

Angry Bear - Spicy Burger - £6.50

Grizzly Bear - Double Oak Smoked Bacon & Jam - £7.50

Greedy Bear - Double burger patty, double bacon, double Jam and double cheese - £8.50

James and I both went for the Grizzly Bear burger and boy oh boy was it good! The burger is a more steak like burger and much less greasy and fatty than some other burgers I have tried. The bacon has been smoked by the Burger Bear man himself Tom which was incredibly flavoursome and the bacon jam rounded it all of beautifully!

As Dean had previusly visited Burger Bear (he keeps doing these solo visits without us!!) he opted to try the Greedy Bear. Man it was big!!

Dean was pretty happy with it!!

Overall we would all definitely recommend Burger Bear. It's up there in my top 5 Burgers I've eaten in London. (I'll do a blog post about some other burger places at a later date).

If you want to visit Burger Bear which I recommend you do then they'll be at The Old Nuns Head Pub in Nunhead until August 25th and then also at Red Market Weds-Fri 12pm-3pm.

For more info of where you can find this burger treat follow chef Tom on twitter - @bugerbeartom


Love K x

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