Monday, 30 September 2013

NYC we are coming...

So we finally got the good news we'd been hoping for last week which has meant that we have at last been able to green light our trip to New York city!!

We're heading over the pond in less than a month and staying for a week so are now spending all our spare time planning out what we're going to do when we get there to make the most of our holiday!

We actually visited New York last summer so already have a fairly good knowledge of the city and as well as having some friends who live out there to show us round we are feeling very excited about our trip and are excited to be visiting the city in the fall.

I thought I'd list down a few things we're hoping to do when we get there:

Ice Skating:

I am so happy that the ice rinks in NYC will be open when we go! (Although I'm still working on convincing James to skating come with me!)

I can't decide between Rockefella Skating or the Wollman Rink Central Park. Anyone been skating in NYC before? What would you recommend?

Basket Ball:

Basket Ball season also starts in October and I'm really hoping to go and see a game at Madison Square Garden. Tickets are mighty expensive but James really wants to go and as it's his 30th birthday in November I said if we can get our hands on any basket ball tickets I will treat him to a game.


No trip to New York can pass by without going to eat some amazing burgers. Last year we paid a visit to Shake Shack and Burger & Barrel which were both lived up to the hype.

This year we're thinking maybe Five guys (although we do have one in London now, we've yet to visit due to super loooonngggg queues!) Anyone got any other recommendations?


Last weekend I had my first cronut in London and definitely want to hunt these down in New York and have a real NY Cronut! I've read that the Dominique Ansell bakery is the place to go and home of the original 'cronut' recipe although people queue up from 4am...I'm hoping this is just a fake crazy rumour...anyone know?


We're going to be in the states for Halloween this year which I am so so so excited about! It really is a big thing over there and I'm looking forward to going to the Halloween parade.

We've also been invited to a party of a friend of ours and have been instructed to really make an good effort with our costumes!! We're still deciding on costume ideas at the moment and I'm trawling pinterest for costume ideas!! If anyone has any ideas then please throw them my way!!

If anyone has any top tips for a visit to the city at this time of year then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Love K x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fish Dogs

Street food markets, pop up eateries, farmers markets, foodie events have taken London by storm this year and I have spent many an evening this Spring/Summer in the bustling crowds of Street Feast in Dalston queuing up to get my hands on the latest offerings of 'street food'.

My favourite Street Food vendor this year without a doubt is Mark Hix's Fish Dog. I had my first fish dog on a cold day back in April at Brockley Market after hearing my friend who worked at Hix rave abut how good they were and was pleased when I found out I could get my hands on one at the Saturday farmers market round the corner from my house!

What is a Fish Dog I hear you cry...well essentially it is a giant fish finger in a hot dog bun...but like the best fish finger you will ever eat in your life!! What could be better than that?!

The type of fish varies from day to day so you don't get bored and it's always deliciously fresh!! The fish dog comes with mint mushy peas which are to die for and homemade tartar sauce! What more could you ask for?!

Look at this beauty(photo courtesy of Fish Dogs - I always am to eager to eat mine and forgot to take a picture!)

Fish dog can generally be found every Saturday at Brockley Market and currently on Wednesdays, Thursday & Friday lunch time at Red Market in Shoreditch! (handily enough for me right by my work!) But if you follow them or Mark Hix on twitter they will let you know any other venues they might be popping up at!



Fish Dogs get a 10/10 from me so what are you waiting for? Get yourself to the nearest market to find them ASAP!!

Love K x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Baby in our wildest moments...

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to a free Jessie Ware gig at Abbey Road Studios in London.

I've never been to Abbey Road Studios so this in itself was exciting enough. Sadly it was a bit dark when we got there on Thursday evening so couldn't take a picture on the infamous crossing.

Did you know there's a crossing cam though?

Check it out here

Anyway, as well as being excited to visit the Studios I was equally as excited to see Jessie Ware live.

The event was hosted by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts who have recently gone into partnership with Abbey Road Studios. You can read more about the joint partnership here

On arrival we were greeted with thirst quenching cocktails and delicious canapes. We really were spoilt!

I had wanted to see Jessie Ware for a while so it was great to finally get to see her perform live, especially in such a small and intimate gig. As well as having an incredible voice she was very warm and friendly to the crowd chatting away in between songs and engaging the audience in her performance. My favourite songs of the evening were 'Night Light' which she said she wrote for her boyfriend (although joked he didn't like it!!) and also 'Taking in Water' which she wrote for her brother. Have a listen to the lyrics, such a lovely song, she's obviously very proud of him.

Overall it was a really great evening and I would like to thank the Fairmount Hotels and Resorts for putting on such a great event.

On leaving we received exciting goodie bags containing a laptop case, moleskin notebook & Jessie Ware album to name a few items.

You can download her debut album from itunes which I highly recommend you go and do immediately!

Love K x

Wee Bow

Bit of a sad post about my friend Sarahs beautiful puppy who sadly died recently.

Bow was such a lovely puppy. She was a Jack Russell & Pug cross breed - fondly called a 'Jug' and was so full of life. Her and my dear friend Sarah had become an inseparable pair and last time I saw Bow she was showing off her impressive tricks - she could even do a high five!

Sadly Bow was taken away from us suddenly when a cyclist going way to fast down the canal tow path ran her over. The cyclist didn't even stick around to help my friend out :( What is wrong with some people?!

I wanted to share some pictures of Bow and remember what a lovely puppy she was.

We will miss you a lot Bow.

Love K xx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Life Lately - End of Summer

I've only been blogging a couple of weeks and have been so so busy I haven't really got off to the flying start I had hoped!

I thought I'd do a little picture round up of life lately!

We went on a trip to Bournemouth for the weekend to enjoy some summer sunshine at the seaside:

Took a trip to Manchester as it's been 10 years since my friends and I were all freshers at Manchester Metropolitan University! 10 have we got this old!! We had a reunion visiting some of our old haunts (5 jager bombs for £10 in here - needless to say many were consumed!):

Amazing graffiti in Manchester. Walter White:

Had such a good time at Notting Hill Carnival partying at Norman Jays Goodtime Bus:

The amazing watermelon cake made by my cousin for my dinner party:

Toasting marshmallows at Flesh & Buns:

In love with my new Disney Vans:

Launch party of my friend Anna's fashion label 'Blinking Lights':

Getting dressed up fancy for a friends wedding:

Weekend away in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Enjoying the last warm days of summer in London. Lunch breaks in the park with my book:

Walking home from work along the river:

Spending evenings relaxing in our flat watching Breaking Bad on the big screen:

How are you spending the last of the warm summer days? September is looking like a really busy month for me, but I'm hoping to be able to find some time to properly work on my blog. I'm new to this so please keep reading :)

Love K x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to school!

Summers almost over and autumn is on it's way so it's back to school for many people! Now I haven't actually been in the literal 'back to school' gang in many years but I do always think of September as a month where you can start a fresh so to say and make plans for the changing season.

I haven't done an outfit post on the blog yet so I decided to show you the outfit I wore when I was feeling in the 'back to school' mood this week at work.

I choose to wear a spotty blouse, a grey american apparel pocket skirt, red cardi and my red t-bar Mary Jane shoes.

I'm somewhat of a hoarder and rarely throw anything out of my wardrobe and so the blouse is an ages old Topshop purchase. Despite being fairly old it still gets regular outings from my wardrobe. (I actually had a panic recently when I caught my shoulder on something sharp at work and ripped the sleeve but luckily Mama and her wonder web to the rescue - seriously how come Mums can fix anything?!) Anyway here's a similar blouse from White Pepper on ASOS.

The cardigan is also a fairly old Oasis staple but similar can be found on the website.

I wore my American Apparel pocket skirt in grey which is another wardrobe staple of mine and I have these in an array of colours often teaming them with basic t-shirts for work. (The pockets come in handy for storing my work pass as I am constantly getting myself locked outside the office!)

My shoes are a recent Topshop purchase. How cute are they?! They are literally the comfiest shoes I've bought in ages! I've been wearing them a lot recently and they have molded to my feet now perfectly. I even walked home in them the other day an didn't feel an ounce of pain!

I think I just need a satchel now to round of the outfit...hello birthday coming up....

Have you had that back to school feeling? Do you think of Autumn as a time to make fresh plans?

Love K x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nail Love - Illamasqua

One thing I haven't blogged about yet is how much I love painting my nails! Like literally love it! If I had time (and patience) I would paint my nails a different colour every day! I actually have a phobia (maybe an exaggeration but something near a phobia lets say) of going out of the house with unpainted nails!!

Due to my love of nail polish it means I am constantly buying nail polishes and I have a lot!!

My favourite brand of nail polishes is Illamsqua . I only discovered Illamasqua nail polish a couple of years ago when my flat mate at the time was doing research into make up brands which didn't test products on animals (Good news is Illamasqua doesn't test on animals - hurrah!)

Now I won't lie, at first I found it a little tricky using the square ended brush to apply the nail polish but I have since got used to that and it really is without a doubt the best nail polish out there!

The best thing about Illamasqua is that it paints on your nails so smoothly that even if you make a mistake (which I am prone too as I'm always in a hurry) it miraculously doesn't seem to show up! Brilliant!! I also find it drys really quickly which is another bonus for me as I usually paint my nails at the most awkward inconvenient times without thinking (For example - when I'm running out of the house/need to cook the tea/wrapping birthday presents/heading into a meeting at work/going to bed...the list goes on!)
Another reason they're my favourite brand is that it doesn't chip easily! This is great for me as, as much as I would love to paint my nails every night I just don't have time so with Illamsqua polish I'm able to paint my nails on a Sunday night and they're still looking freshly painted for a Friday night out! Perfect!!

Around the start of the year Illamasqua brought out the Speckled nail polish range. I got so excited that I bought two!!

I love love the effect this polish gives and always get so many lovely comments when I am wearing it with everyone saying it looks like I've had my nails done professionally! Yey!
The only thing I would say with these polishes though is it is a nightmare to get off! Is it just me or has anyone else had problems removing this polish?! I find that the polish itself comes off really easily but the 'speckles' (glitter) get stuck on the nails and are difficult to remove. If anyone has got any tips then they would be greatly appreciated as I ended up chipping off this polish at my desk with my work door pass the other day much to my colleagues horror (I know I know soooo bad!!!!)

But look how great it looks -

Removing the speckled nail polish aside they are still the best nail polish I have tried.

The Illamasqua nail polishes are little more pricey (costing between £12-£15) than say Barry M polishes but you definitely get what you pay for and they come in a range of fabulous colours. Check em out! I purchased these two last summer and they still haven't gone gloopy (you know as old/overused nail polishes tend to do) despite using them on a regular basis.

So to sum up, I would recommend you all treat yourself to a Illamsaqaua nail polish...go it now...

Love K x