Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Nails

It's nearly Halloween guys so I thought I'd share some pictures of my Halloween nail art:

I'm off to NYC tomorrow so sorry for the short post but need to get my suitcase packed!!

Too excited!

Love K xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

October Wish List!

I love October! It's my birthday month, Halloween and the time when you really feel the season change! Autumn is well and truly here and here's some items I'm currently lusting after:

Topshop Lurex Pencil Skirt - the picture doesn't do this skirt justice! I've spied it in Topshop and it's super shiny and will be a great edition to the wardrobe for the festive season!

Office Black Leather Upside Down Boots - I have actually already bought these boots and I can assure you they are extremely comfortable! I spent the whole of last winter in my chelsea boots and really wanted a slightly smarter boot for this winter which would dress up an outfit on a night out! The heel is perfectly sized for me too as being nearly 6ft tall I don't like to wear massive heels!

Jaeger Boutique Fair Isle Knit jumper - One of the saddest days earlier this year was when I came home and my Jaeger woolen jumper had accidentally found it's way into the tumble dryer. I've been looking for a replacement ever since and I love the bright blue colour of this jumper!

Checked Zara coat - I love tartan at the moment and I really like the subtle tartan design of this Zara coat. I like that it has a lot of pockets too. Handy for keeping your gloves!

ASOS pumpkin gloves
- and you wouldn't want to be loosing your halloween gloves! I think these are really fun!

What items are on your Autumn wishlist? I'm hoping to pick a few of these bits up with my birthday money!

Love K xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm a Master of Fright!!

As we're going to be in the states for Halloween this year we really need to think of some good fancy dress cotumes!!

Some of my previous years efforts have been a little sub standard to say the least which I don't think will be acceptable for the Americans.

Here's my Halloween costumes through the years:

Cereal Killer:

I know I know poor poor effort but in my defence I had spent so long decorating my house for the party that I let my costume fall by the way side!!

We used to throw the best Halloween parties in my house share!

Homemade Pumpkin costume:

This was the year I was too tight to pay £29.99 for a big round pumpkin costume and decided I could make my own! I couldn't! I have zero sewing skills - I think i look more like a carrot!

Mad Hatter:

I think I was a mad hatter here?! Hard to be sure...I could just be wearing many random items of clothing!!


I'm basically just wearing my normal clothes and have crimped my hair! Any excuse to use the crimpers!!

So as you can see not great track record with Halloween costumes!

Some ideas I have been toying with this year:

Breaking Bad:

James and I actually dressed up for a fancy dress party earlier this year as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad. It was really funny although James pulled of Walt a little too well...

Sorry I am unable to find a single picture of my dressed in my tracksuit being Jesse! I will say it was the most comfy I'd ever been at a party!

Moonrise Kingdom:

What girl doesn't want to dress up like Susie Bishop...or a scout...

We dressed up as scouts at Secret Garden Party 2012!

Day of the Dead:

My friend did this last year. How awesome is her face paint?!

Jack Skellington:

Another brilliant costume by one of my friends! I don't think she could see out of the lampshade head though...

I think I need to put some more serious thought into this years costumes! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Any ideas for me?

Love K xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013


I love Instagram and I'm not afraid to say it! I love documenting my life in pictures on this app - from exciting days out to pictures of my slippers! I love how I can take a snap on my phone and then upload it to instagram and someone the other side of the world can like it! I love looking at other peoples instagram pictures and following peoples day to day whether it be a fellow blogger or a celebrity instagrammer!

Being someone who loves to regularly get their digital camera prints printed I was really excited when I discovered you could get your instagram prints printed out!! Like physically have them in your hand, stuck on the wall or on the fridge!! Brilliant!

I've used 3 different services to print my instagram pics this year so thought I'd do a little post about them as think they are all fab & I discovered all of these services through reading about them on other peoples blogs!! So if you instagram as much as me...keep reading!!


Now I can't actually remember who recommended these too me as I got them printed at the start of the year - and I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone in January! But needless to say some lovely blogger brought them into my life!

Firebox prints instagram prints for you in Polaroid sizes and they come with a tiny little sharpie pen so you can scribble comments underneath the pictures (although James banned me from doing this on ours as he said I'm spoiling them! Boys!)

12 prints will cost you £9.99
24 prints will only set you back £14.99

I went the whole hog and ordered 24 and was really pleased with the quality of them, especially considering most of them were snapped on my (not so top of the range) android phone!


I read about Origami on London Lip Gloss's blog and placed an order for mine the same day!

There are several options for the photos to be printed. You can get 36 Polaroid style prints 4 x 5 or 36 square prints 4 x 4.

I went for the Polaroid style prints with a colourful Spectrum design on the back. If you geo-tag your instagram pictures when you take them, you can get them printed with a map of where the photos were snapped on the back. I thought this was a super idea however I'd never done this with mine so I couldn't go for this. I am now geo-tagging everything ready for my next batch!!

I thought Origrami offer a really fab service and they came in a really cute little cardboard packet to keep them safe. The company is based in Sydney Australia and so it took two weeks for the pictures to arrive but it was free shipping and for 36 prints it only cost $21.95 which worked out at £12!! Such a bargain if you ask me!! I love them!!


I discovered stickygram on Barri & Belle blog and immediately knew I had to have some magnets of my instagram prints! I couldn't decide between my prints so ordered two sets costing $14.99 per sheet which worked out at about £17 in total for both.

This company also offered free delivery worldwide and they arrived in two days which I was great service!

James rolled his eyes when he heard I'd ordered some more instagram prints but was as pleased with me when they arrived and I excitedly got to work arranging them on the fridge!!

I think these would be a lovely little stocking filler Christmas gift for family too and I know for a fact my Gran and Mum would both like some for their fridges!

I also have a treat for you - if you want to order some stcikygram prints then use the following code at the checkout to get $2 off - FRIENDPJF9

And here they are on my fridge - ta dah!

If you want to follow me on Instagram then I have two accounts:

My blog one - thelittleredboots

and my personal one - Kathryntallis

I just wish it was easier to flick between accounts like twitter! But please come and say hello and give me a follow :)

Love K xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun filled first week of October!

Last week I was so busy! Not busy with work I might add which is unusual for me, but I had one of those weeks where I had fun plans scheduled for every evening! And it was a lot of fun indeed!!

Here's a round up of the first week of October:


Burger Monday with the boys - check out my post on this here!


Dinner at Busaba (I recommend the Thai calimari - it was delish) and an evening spent gossiping with my good friend. We spent a lot of time looking at boys on her tinder!!

(Photo stolen from Buzzfeed)


Sushi and cinema date with my bestie. We went to see the film Austenland which I had not actually heard anything about but thoroughly enjoyed - not an Oscar winner but there was a lot of laughs to be had!!


Cocktails with my girlies!! Thanks to the recommendation on Emerald Street we went to Central and Co cocktail bar which is running a 'drink the classics' event until next Friday. Last week the theme was 'On the Road' and we sipped on a Boncouevadier cocktails (Rye, Campari & Sweet Vermouth) whilst pretending to be in a New York speak easy bar! This week the theme is 'Treasure Island' so lots of Rum cocktails to be drank if you have time to pay it a visit!


A group of us went out to Bethanal Green Working Men's club on Friday night and it was a pretty random night to say the least!! I've been to a few funny evenings there and I don't think this was the best one I've been too but it was still a giggle anyway! 

FYI there was no hot dog eating contest but there was a buffet!!


We visited London Oktoberfest a Millwall Park. This was a last minute random plan and it was so much fun!! Needless to say it was pretty drunken!!


Sunday was spent catching up over a roast with James after a busy week! I'd hardly seen James this week as he started a new job and was on the early shift so we were like ships passing in the night so it was lovely to spend a lazy Sunday with him.

See I told you it was a busy week! This week is shaping to up to be a lot quieter which is nice but I do love living in London - so much to do that you can quite easily fill a week up with fun filled plans!

Love K xx

Monday, 7 October 2013

Burger Monday!!

As you know I love a good burger and so last Monday I went along with my boyfriend and his two friends to a Burger Monday event in London. I've been to a couple of previous Burger Monday's but this time the event was held at The Drapers Arms Pub in N1.

Burger Monday is a foodie event organised by food critic Daniel Young of Young and Foodish where he gets top chefs to create different and interesting menus with the main course being a burger! The chef in question on this occasion was head chef of the Drapers Arms - James De Jong.

We arrived to find long candlelit tables, along with places set up at the bar, the idea being that when it was our turn we would go up to eat our burgers at the 'burger bar' which Daniel had set up.

Before the burgers though came the starter - Langoustine cocktail (basically a really fancy prawn cocktail!) Now I'm not usually a big seafood fan - and I always get a bit scared that I'm not sure what to do when they still have their claws attached and all that but they were delicious and it was definitely the best marie rose sauce I'd ever tasted!!

In between courses we chatted with fellow diners on our table all talking about what burgers we had eaten recently and sharing our top tips of where to try next. Needless to say we were all so excited to taste the burger on offer this night which was a cheese burger with pulled brined pigs head in a St John bun....OMG!!! Is your mouth watering? It should be!!
James and his friends had had the pleasure of tasting this burger before at the 'burger bash' back in the summer and despite it not winning it was deemed by all the boys accompanying me as the best burger they had ever tasted! And they weren't wrong!! Without a doubt it was the best burger I have ever eaten!! I don't think I can actually get it into words how good it was!! I was so full at the end it was a real struggle to get the desert - Lemon Meringue Pie - down although I did somehow manage and it was very tasty!!

Now sorry in advance for my awful pictures - I forgot to take my camera and it was so dark in the pub it was really hard to photograph the food!

I highly recommend taking a trip to the Drapers Arms pub as it has a really lovely atmosphere about it and the chef is top class!

I also would recommend checking out a Young and Foodish event as Daniel is really great at hosting these evenings and you get a lot more out of it than just going for dinner! It's a really great night out!!

(And if burgers aren't your thing, he also does a range of other evenings such as Pizza Tuesday, Spag Wednesday, Wich Thursday - to name a few!!)

If you do like burgers though you must check out the Burger Bash which Daniel is organising. The final heat of the competition is being held at the Camden Town Brewery on 3rd & 4th November. Tickets are £46 for a full ticket which includes admission to the event, 6 half burgers and 2 half pints of Camden beer or for £25 you can get a half ticket which includes admission, 3 half burgers and 1 half pint. Check out the details here!

Keep an eye out for any further events by following Daniel on twitter @youngandfoodish

Love K x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flash back to NYC trip Summer 2012

As we're getting excited about our trip to New York I thought I'd share some snippets with you from our trip last year.

We visited at the end of summer in 2012 and stayed for a whopping two weeks! We actually didn't spend all of the time in the city as we decided to travel out to Long Island and stay in Montauk for a week of relaxation by the beach.

Here's a few snap shots from our trip:

1. Visiting the BIG Piano at F.A.O Schwarz

2. Carnegie Deli - Believe it or not this is called a 'sandwich'. I know what your thinking - where is the bread!! Well hidden under than mound of pastrami and cheese there is two slices of bread!! Luckily James had visited this deli before and knew that if we ordered one sandwich between us it would be more than enough! It probably doesn't look like it but it was delish!

3. The High Line

4. Going up the Empire State Building at night

5. Going to watch the New York Yankees play. We managed to get tickets from Stub Hub
which is a great website where people sell their season ticket seats for the games they can't make at very reasonable prices. I recommend using this site if you plan a trip to the baseball.

6. Got myself a foam finger - Lets Go Yankees!!

7. Atlantic City baby! We decided to get out of the city for a Friday night of gambling and mayhem in Atlantic City. Like a mini Las Vegas it really was an experience to say the least! We managed to leave on a win so all in all a good night out of the city!

8. Strolling along the beach in Atlantic City

9. Graffiti in Brooklyn

10. We stayed in Williamsburg at our friends apartment which gave us a great opportunity to explore the area with the locals! My favourite restaurant there was Dumonts the brunch we had their as incredible!

11. We took the Long Island rail road down to Montauk to have a week relaxing at the beach.

12. We rented a little beach house which I would highly recommend doing. The proprietors were really friendly and even came to pick us up from the station and take us to the supermarket to stock the fridge. We stayed in the quieter part of Montauk near Gosmans dock and would walk down to the shop in the afternoon and buy fresh fish to cook on the BBQ at night.

13. We also had access to a little private beach two minutes walk away from the front door which was perfect for relaxing on after a busy week in the city!

14. James making use of the outdoor shower!

15. Sunset on the main public beach

16. Montauk Light house - the oldest light house in New York State

17. Montauk brewing company - we picked many a growler of beer up from the little local micro brewery in the town. (We even managed to bring a growler back home with us and it sits pride of place in the kitchen in our little London flat).

18. Hot Dogs at Nathans on Coney Island - home of the famous hot dog eating competition!

19. Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

20. James getting his fortune from Zoltar!

21. Cyclone roller wooden rollercoaster - built in 1927!

Looking back at these pictures makes me so so excited to go back!! I really can't wait...counting down the days...

Love K xx