Monday, 7 October 2013

Burger Monday!!

As you know I love a good burger and so last Monday I went along with my boyfriend and his two friends to a Burger Monday event in London. I've been to a couple of previous Burger Monday's but this time the event was held at The Drapers Arms Pub in N1.

Burger Monday is a foodie event organised by food critic Daniel Young of Young and Foodish where he gets top chefs to create different and interesting menus with the main course being a burger! The chef in question on this occasion was head chef of the Drapers Arms - James De Jong.

We arrived to find long candlelit tables, along with places set up at the bar, the idea being that when it was our turn we would go up to eat our burgers at the 'burger bar' which Daniel had set up.

Before the burgers though came the starter - Langoustine cocktail (basically a really fancy prawn cocktail!) Now I'm not usually a big seafood fan - and I always get a bit scared that I'm not sure what to do when they still have their claws attached and all that but they were delicious and it was definitely the best marie rose sauce I'd ever tasted!!

In between courses we chatted with fellow diners on our table all talking about what burgers we had eaten recently and sharing our top tips of where to try next. Needless to say we were all so excited to taste the burger on offer this night which was a cheese burger with pulled brined pigs head in a St John bun....OMG!!! Is your mouth watering? It should be!!
James and his friends had had the pleasure of tasting this burger before at the 'burger bash' back in the summer and despite it not winning it was deemed by all the boys accompanying me as the best burger they had ever tasted! And they weren't wrong!! Without a doubt it was the best burger I have ever eaten!! I don't think I can actually get it into words how good it was!! I was so full at the end it was a real struggle to get the desert - Lemon Meringue Pie - down although I did somehow manage and it was very tasty!!

Now sorry in advance for my awful pictures - I forgot to take my camera and it was so dark in the pub it was really hard to photograph the food!

I highly recommend taking a trip to the Drapers Arms pub as it has a really lovely atmosphere about it and the chef is top class!

I also would recommend checking out a Young and Foodish event as Daniel is really great at hosting these evenings and you get a lot more out of it than just going for dinner! It's a really great night out!!

(And if burgers aren't your thing, he also does a range of other evenings such as Pizza Tuesday, Spag Wednesday, Wich Thursday - to name a few!!)

If you do like burgers though you must check out the Burger Bash which Daniel is organising. The final heat of the competition is being held at the Camden Town Brewery on 3rd & 4th November. Tickets are £46 for a full ticket which includes admission to the event, 6 half burgers and 2 half pints of Camden beer or for £25 you can get a half ticket which includes admission, 3 half burgers and 1 half pint. Check out the details here!

Keep an eye out for any further events by following Daniel on twitter @youngandfoodish

Love K x

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