Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flash back to NYC trip Summer 2012

As we're getting excited about our trip to New York I thought I'd share some snippets with you from our trip last year.

We visited at the end of summer in 2012 and stayed for a whopping two weeks! We actually didn't spend all of the time in the city as we decided to travel out to Long Island and stay in Montauk for a week of relaxation by the beach.

Here's a few snap shots from our trip:

1. Visiting the BIG Piano at F.A.O Schwarz

2. Carnegie Deli - Believe it or not this is called a 'sandwich'. I know what your thinking - where is the bread!! Well hidden under than mound of pastrami and cheese there is two slices of bread!! Luckily James had visited this deli before and knew that if we ordered one sandwich between us it would be more than enough! It probably doesn't look like it but it was delish!

3. The High Line

4. Going up the Empire State Building at night

5. Going to watch the New York Yankees play. We managed to get tickets from Stub Hub
which is a great website where people sell their season ticket seats for the games they can't make at very reasonable prices. I recommend using this site if you plan a trip to the baseball.

6. Got myself a foam finger - Lets Go Yankees!!

7. Atlantic City baby! We decided to get out of the city for a Friday night of gambling and mayhem in Atlantic City. Like a mini Las Vegas it really was an experience to say the least! We managed to leave on a win so all in all a good night out of the city!

8. Strolling along the beach in Atlantic City

9. Graffiti in Brooklyn

10. We stayed in Williamsburg at our friends apartment which gave us a great opportunity to explore the area with the locals! My favourite restaurant there was Dumonts the brunch we had their as incredible!

11. We took the Long Island rail road down to Montauk to have a week relaxing at the beach.

12. We rented a little beach house which I would highly recommend doing. The proprietors were really friendly and even came to pick us up from the station and take us to the supermarket to stock the fridge. We stayed in the quieter part of Montauk near Gosmans dock and would walk down to the shop in the afternoon and buy fresh fish to cook on the BBQ at night.

13. We also had access to a little private beach two minutes walk away from the front door which was perfect for relaxing on after a busy week in the city!

14. James making use of the outdoor shower!

15. Sunset on the main public beach

16. Montauk Light house - the oldest light house in New York State

17. Montauk brewing company - we picked many a growler of beer up from the little local micro brewery in the town. (We even managed to bring a growler back home with us and it sits pride of place in the kitchen in our little London flat).

18. Hot Dogs at Nathans on Coney Island - home of the famous hot dog eating competition!

19. Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

20. James getting his fortune from Zoltar!

21. Cyclone roller wooden rollercoaster - built in 1927!

Looking back at these pictures makes me so so excited to go back!! I really can't wait...counting down the days...

Love K xx

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