Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun filled first week of October!

Last week I was so busy! Not busy with work I might add which is unusual for me, but I had one of those weeks where I had fun plans scheduled for every evening! And it was a lot of fun indeed!!

Here's a round up of the first week of October:


Burger Monday with the boys - check out my post on this here!


Dinner at Busaba (I recommend the Thai calimari - it was delish) and an evening spent gossiping with my good friend. We spent a lot of time looking at boys on her tinder!!

(Photo stolen from Buzzfeed)


Sushi and cinema date with my bestie. We went to see the film Austenland which I had not actually heard anything about but thoroughly enjoyed - not an Oscar winner but there was a lot of laughs to be had!!


Cocktails with my girlies!! Thanks to the recommendation on Emerald Street we went to Central and Co cocktail bar which is running a 'drink the classics' event until next Friday. Last week the theme was 'On the Road' and we sipped on a Boncouevadier cocktails (Rye, Campari & Sweet Vermouth) whilst pretending to be in a New York speak easy bar! This week the theme is 'Treasure Island' so lots of Rum cocktails to be drank if you have time to pay it a visit!


A group of us went out to Bethanal Green Working Men's club on Friday night and it was a pretty random night to say the least!! I've been to a few funny evenings there and I don't think this was the best one I've been too but it was still a giggle anyway! 

FYI there was no hot dog eating contest but there was a buffet!!


We visited London Oktoberfest a Millwall Park. This was a last minute random plan and it was so much fun!! Needless to say it was pretty drunken!!


Sunday was spent catching up over a roast with James after a busy week! I'd hardly seen James this week as he started a new job and was on the early shift so we were like ships passing in the night so it was lovely to spend a lazy Sunday with him.

See I told you it was a busy week! This week is shaping to up to be a lot quieter which is nice but I do love living in London - so much to do that you can quite easily fill a week up with fun filled plans!

Love K xx

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