Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm a Master of Fright!!

As we're going to be in the states for Halloween this year we really need to think of some good fancy dress cotumes!!

Some of my previous years efforts have been a little sub standard to say the least which I don't think will be acceptable for the Americans.

Here's my Halloween costumes through the years:

Cereal Killer:

I know I know poor poor effort but in my defence I had spent so long decorating my house for the party that I let my costume fall by the way side!!

We used to throw the best Halloween parties in my house share!

Homemade Pumpkin costume:

This was the year I was too tight to pay £29.99 for a big round pumpkin costume and decided I could make my own! I couldn't! I have zero sewing skills - I think i look more like a carrot!

Mad Hatter:

I think I was a mad hatter here?! Hard to be sure...I could just be wearing many random items of clothing!!


I'm basically just wearing my normal clothes and have crimped my hair! Any excuse to use the crimpers!!

So as you can see not great track record with Halloween costumes!

Some ideas I have been toying with this year:

Breaking Bad:

James and I actually dressed up for a fancy dress party earlier this year as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad. It was really funny although James pulled of Walt a little too well...

Sorry I am unable to find a single picture of my dressed in my tracksuit being Jesse! I will say it was the most comfy I'd ever been at a party!

Moonrise Kingdom:

What girl doesn't want to dress up like Susie Bishop...or a scout...

We dressed up as scouts at Secret Garden Party 2012!

Day of the Dead:

My friend did this last year. How awesome is her face paint?!

Jack Skellington:

Another brilliant costume by one of my friends! I don't think she could see out of the lampshade head though...

I think I need to put some more serious thought into this years costumes! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Any ideas for me?

Love K xx

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