Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Dear Friend

This is quite a difficult for me to write but I really wanted to do a post dedicated to my best friend Leanne who sadly we lost 7 years ago yesterday.

Leanne was my best friend from school and through college we were inseparable. When it came to deciding on universities we were excited to both be accepted to Manchester Metropolitan University and made lots of plans for when we were then.

Inevitably as we started on the new chapter of our lives at University we met new friends and didn't spend as much time together as we had probably imagined we would but we still remained the best of friends. Whenever we needed each other we were always there to help each other out.

On a cold December afternoon in 2006 I got a call that would change my life forever. Leanne had died. She had gone to sleep and never woken up. We're still not sure what happened. She had suffered from diabetes from the age of 8 and the doctors assume that she had developed an un-diagnosed heart or lung problem because of this and this had caused her to die in her sleep.

Other than my Grandad passing away when I was a child this was the first time I had lost someone so close to me and the pain and sadness was indescribable.

The days that followed were just as heartbreaking. As she had died in Manchester I then had to make the phone calls to our other friends back home and inform them off the sad news. It was the worst time of my life.

But Leanne was full of life when she was with us and we had to all remember that moping around and feeling sad was not what she would have wanted. She loved to have fun and enjoy herself and never let anything stand in her way especially her diabetes. She never once let it stop her having a good night out or missing out on anything. She once told me that she knew she would die from her diabetes one day, I remember being shocked to hear her say it but she was quite matter of fact about it and said she wanted to have the most fun in life she could ever have and she definitely succeeded in that. She fit a lot of fun times into her 21 years.

Losing someone is never easy, especially someone so young. I often find myself sitting at home wondering what Leanne would be doing now if she was still with us. Would she have moved to London as well? Would she be married now? What would her job be?

I think her passing made me reflect on my life a lot. I made some significant changes after she passed away including making the decision to move to London which I have never regretted once. It made me realise that life was too short to wait around for things to happen and you need to make things happen for yourselves.

Since that day in 2006 I always see rainbows at the most random times and later found out her family and a lot of my other friends had experienced the same thing . I can't explain it, I don't know what I believe but I like to take warmth in that every time I see a rainbow it's a little sign she's still with me saying hello.

She will forever live on in our hearts and I will make sure that when I have children they will hear about how wonderful my best friend Leanne was.

Lots of love

K x

(Terrible picture of us aged 16!)

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