Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Brockley Market

Nothing beats a Saturday stroll to the market and I'm lucky enough to live walking distance from Brockley Market which is just a stones throw away from Lewisham and New Cross.

My cousin hopped on the overground and sped down from North London to join me for the afternoon (seriously how did we all cope when the overground wasn't an option for travel?!)

We were delighted that the sun had come out for us and were pleased to find the market a hive of activity for a Saturday in January.

We were both feeling rather peckish so had a wander round to see what delightful food was on offer. On this particualr Saturday we had the choice of burgers at Mother Flipper, Flatbreads from Mike+Ollie, rotisserie chicken from Spit & Roast, Mexican street food from Luardos Mary, crumpets from Good & Proper Tea co and my all time favourite Fish Dogs - to name just a few!!

As usual I was heading straight for Fish Dog when I realsied I should really give some of these other guys a try! (See my blog post on Fish Dogs here).

After some deliberation between a couple of places, my cousin and I decided we were both going for the same thing at Spit & Roast, both of us too frightened of getting food envy if we opted for something different!

And OMG I definitely made the correct choice! We went for the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw & hot sauce! It was delish!!

Warning if your hungry (or on a diet) look away now...


I'm craving another right now as I type this!!

Here's the wizards who concocted such a delightful chicken burger! Hands down the best chicken burger I have ever eaten (and believe me I've eaten a lot in my time!)

After stuffing our faces we had another wander around to look at the other stalls and I picked up some Rosemary and Garlic chorizo for James as he'd had to miss out on the market visit due to work.

We then headed to my favourite local pub the New Cross House to wash down our food with a refreshing cider.

Brockely Market is on every Saturday from 10am-2pm and is located on Lewisham Way. The market isn't huge and it's just located in a little car park but it really does attract some of the best food vans & produce vendors and you just can't beat it!

If you haven't been then go check it out! I'll be going back and looking forward to what I'll get to eat next time!!

Love K


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