Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy 2014!!

Happy New Year to you all!! Hello 2014!!

I do hope everyone had fantastic Christmas and New Year celebrations? I had a suitably fabulous time!

Christmas was spent back in Warwickshire with my family and I was truly spoilt! I won't go on and on about gifts I recieved but I have to show you the best headphones in all of the land - FACT!!

They are DVF ♥ HVN Cat Headphones and you can get hold of a pair here!

New Year was spent running (literally at some points) around London trying to see as many friends as possible!! I succeeded in my mission and had a fantastic time although that Campari and Champagne at 2am was not needed and resulted in me laying under a blanket for most of New Years Day wimpering!

I've made the usual resolutions for 2014...eat better, loose weight...I say munching on a lindor chocolate as I write this...

Saying that here is a list of my goals for 2014:

* Blog more! I only started my blog back in August but needless to say it has been a SLOW start! I aim to make more of a go out of this year and look forward to getting stuck in as they say! I also got a new camera for Christmas so I am ready!!

* Speaking of photos - when we moved to our new flat last year I realised I had hundreds and hundreds of photos stuffed randomly into envelopes and decided that I would organise them into photo albums. I have since ordered some albums online so as soon as they arrive I am going to get cracking with this little project. It will be great when I can invite my friends over to flick through an album and remeenise/cringe at hilariously awful photos of old times!

* Go somewhere hot! I didn't get a chance to go on a sunshine holiday last year as had a 'staycation' in the summer in London so am definitely going to get away somewhere hot this year where I can relax and lay on the beach with a good book!

* Go to a festival abroad. The last two years I have been to Secret Garden Party festival in Cambridge but this year I think I would like to venture to a new undiscovered festival somewhere different. (holiday allowance dependent) Dour Festival in Belgium is currently appealing to me!

* Spend more quality time with James - now that Christmas parties are over I'm looking forward to nice cosy nights in our flat in front of the fire & cinema dates. It's nice just to slow down in January and make time for each other.

What are your goals for 2014? Any fun plans ahead?

Love K xx

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